3 Things We Like This Week…and You Might Too

  by Andrew Wolgemuth

Posting links and brief descriptions of “X Things I Like (and You Might Too) is hardly original to the internet, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy reading such posts…and emulate them. Here are three things we like this week; we hope you like them too.

AllTrails.com – Hiking has the potential to be an excellent activity for you with your kid(s) (after all, even if things go wrong, there’s the potential for character building, right?), and I’ve found AllTrails.com to be an excellent aid in the effort. When there are an abundance of hiking options (thanks, Colorado!), AllTrails helps you see critical details that make the difference between an expedition that’s memorable for good reasons and one that’s not.

Matt About Money – Matt Bell is a worth listening to regarding the intersection of faith and financial topics, and his every-Friday Profitable Ideas posts gather helpful financial tips and guidance from all over the web. From ideas for low-cost home improvements to highlighting the towns that will pay for your college education, he uncovers all sorts of dadcraft financial help.

KingDomino – We noted this excellent board game when we named Blue Orange Games a dadcraft favorite, but it’s worth highlighting on its own. Fairly simple to learn, gameplay is quick and straightforward enough that my 10, 8, and 6-year-olds all enjoy it (our rule modification for the six-year-old is that she doesn’t have to worry about placing tiles within the 5×5 grid that the game’s rules stipulate).


We’ve got all sorts of dadcraft favorites here.

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Photo by David Wright on Unsplash