3 Things We Like This Week…and You Might Too

  by Andrew Wolgemuth

Posting links and brief descriptions of “X Things I Like (and You Might Too) is hardly original to the internet, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy reading such posts…and emulate them. Here are three things we like this week; we hope you like them too.

Coleman Big and Tall Sleeping Bags — We’re fans of camping, and it only takes one family camping experience to learn that quality rest is often a casualty of an outdoor adventure. Even so, being comfortable while one sleeps/attempts to sleep is a good thing, and – toward that end – I highly recommend these sleeping bags. I’m neither that big nor that tall, but I’ve discovered that having a sleeping bag that easily allows me to shift and move is highly preferable to the typical pseudo-straight jacket bag.

Maxwell Anderson’s Weekend Reader — Each weekend, Maxwell (a thinker, investor, entrepreneur, husband, and father) sends an email containing links to several interesting articles. Each of the linked-to articles is worth reading, and there’s a core theme that ties them all together. For instance, recent editions of the Reader have focused on “The Price of Ambition,” Melatonin and Sleep, “Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain and Why Suicide Rates are Rising in America,” “The Future of Space Travel,” and “The new and best way to protect children from online porn.” As you can tell, his topics are varied, fascinating, and often directly applicable to fatherhood. For the weeks when clicking through to the articles isn’t possible, Maxwell’s summaries of each piece and concluding thoughts to the reader are worth reading on their own.

Rainbow Sandal Flip Flops — For my adult life, I’ve been a cheap/whatever’s on sale sort of flip-flop guy. I’ll hope for a year or so of service, then on to the next pair. Such sandals haven’t been particularly comfortable or noteworthy, but they’ve been cheap. This year my wife encouraged me to step up to her favorite flip-flop, and (per the usual) she was right: Rainbows are great. A bit snug to start, they quickly stretch to an excellent fit. After a busy summer, they still look good and I consistently meet guys who note how long their Rainbows have lasted. Longevity is another road to value after all. Obviously I’m wearing them less in colder temps, but my flip flops have settled into their off-season gig as my quick slip-on footwear for snagging stuff in the garage.


So there you have it… three dadcraft Favs. From sleeping bags to flip-flops. Our commitment is to continue to shed a light on the pathway through the noble calling of fatherhood. Press on.


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Photo by Mike Szczepanski on Unsplash