3 Things We Like This Week…and You Might Too

  by Andrew Wolgemuth

Posting links and brief descriptions of “X Things I Like (and You Might Too) is hardly original to the internet, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy reading such posts…and emulate them. Here are three things we like this week; we hope you like them too.

Barnabas Piper’s Three Things I Like This Week — Is it cheating to start our first 3 dadcraft Favs You Might Like list by highlighting someone who does this really well? We hope not. Regardless, on a weekly basis Barnabas highlights great products, excellent candies, books, videos…all sorts of stuff.

Hope Larson’s “Four Points,” a two-book graphic novel series that I enjoyed reading with my kids. My 10yo and 8yo read the books (multiple times) on their own while I trekked through the swashbuckling adventure with my 5yo. The storyline stretched the 5yo (it’s a visuals-centric tale with two sets of identical twins, and there are some ship names and a variety of geographic settings – details to track), but – with a few pauses to review who characters were and where in the world they were – it was a fun story with the twins’ adventures and interesting relationships.

Amazon Essentials Men’s Knit Pajama Pant — Fall’s coming, and I’m going to be super practical and suggest some sleepwear for the season. These lightweight pajama pants are quite comfortable, the stylings are perfect for fatherhood, and the pant’s price is tough to beat.


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Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash