5 Dads on Their Backyard Games

  by Chris Horst

At dadcraft, we believe we’re in this together. Fathering can be isolating, so there’s great benefit to helping each other out as fellow dads on this journey. And there’s fun in listening to one another. We asked the question: what’s your favorite backyard game (or park game, if you don’t have a backyard game)?

Here’s what 5 of you told us.

Jesse, father of four (Castle Rock, CO):

I’ve taught my kids how to hold a bat, stand with their toes towards the plate, and swing. We’ve grown to love a simple game of baseball in the field behind the house. We also invested in a trampoline a few summers back and it’s been a fantastic way to have quick, silly, quality time with my four small humans.

Randy, father of two (Omaha, NE):

Two classics for young kids:

  1. Bubbles: My kids are still young, so bubbles can entertain them for hours.
  2. Sidewalk chalk: We have a small brick path that runs from back door to the garage. Unending activity.

Brian, dad of two (Denver, CO):

  • Pitching Wiffle balls to aggressive little girls who CAN HIT!
  • The trampoline. The wife wanted it, I didn’t. She was right, so I doubled our umbrella insurance policy.
  • Pepper with a volleyball: You pass or set a volleyball back and forth trying to beat your total record of contacts. 42, BTW, which wasn’t bad for my 4th grader.

Mat, father of two (Oklahoma City, OK):

We do not play much in the backyard since it is currently less than safe… but the oldest loves to cruise the streets on the super fast skateboard (between my legs, helmet on) or play eye-spy on the front porch.

Andy, father of one (Denver, CO):

These days when I’m in the backyard with Noah he’ll probably end up in his climbing harness swinging from the play-set or some other moderately-safe misapplication of outdoor gear! Is that publishable? 😉 If not, you can say we love to toss the pigskin back and forth.


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Photo by Jenn Evelyn-Ann on Unsplash.