dadcraft: 3 Innovative Dad Tools

  by Chris Horst

Kids who don’t want to brush their teeth. Kids who are suffering from cabin fever. Kids who have never seen fireflies sparkle on a summer evening.

Three new(ish) online tools help to solve those problems.

  • Chompers: If you’re struggling to get your kids to brush their teeth regularly or thoroughly, Chompers can help. A 2-minute “podcast” available each morning and evening allows you to bring fun (and helpful brushing techniques) into your homes. Chompers uses riddles, stories, and fun facts—today, we learned about the craziness of the durian fruit—to retain your kids’ interest and keep them brushing well.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga: Winter is hard for kids. They need to climb trees, chuck stones in streams, and kick soccer balls into nets. But winter prohibits many of these activities. Enter Cosmic Kids Yoga. It’s a bit hippy, but Cosmic Kids makes exercise approachable and fun. Integrating stories like Star Wars and Moana, Cosmic Kids retained our kids’ attention while enabling them to stay active and limber while they awaited the thaw.
  • The Kids Should See This: We all know the internet is a scary place for kids. The Kids Should See this helps solve this problem, providing a curated set of videos designed to expose children to the beauty, creativity, and wonder of our amazing world. From fireflies to amazing paper airplanes to baby meerkats—this site helps to distill the best.


Postscript: If you’re looking for more, another site we’ve continued to love is Art Hub for Kids.

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