A dadcraft Favorite: (Free) Building Workshops

  by Andrew Wolgemuth

Every other Saturday, our local Lowe’s hosts a “Build & Grow” workshop. If you’re wise enough to sign-up in advance, the building is simple (a little assembly, some hammering, and a bit of stickering), the growing is incremental (fewer thumbs hammered, nails driven more deeply home), and the cost is ideal (free). Aprons are given out and each project comes with a patch that can be ironed on, signifying the woodworker’s completed work.

On the first Saturdays of the month, the Home Depot just down the road hosts a similar kids workshop event. Again: simple, fun, and free. They give out aprons too as well as certificates noting the completed project.

Sometimes that project is a toy, sometimes it’s a gifts (especially around Mother’s Day), and sometimes it’s a decoration. Never will it require the use of the woodworking tool pictured at the top of this post.

And after the kids finish their building projects, I relish the chance to browse two of my favorite stores with kids who are happily enthralled with their latest creation.

Combine one of these workshops with a donut stop and an errand or two, and your Saturday morning is looking pretty tasty, productive, and fun.


Saturdays and breakfast fun go together. Create some pancakes or combine some errands with some donuting.

Picture by Mike Kenneally; Used via Unsplash license. Amazon links are affiliate links.