An End to This Chapter

We love being dads. We love encouraging other dads. And we loved the adventure of running dadcraft. But we’re officially hanging up our blogging spikes.

Even good things need to come to an end. And, for dadcraft, that time is now. We just don’t have the energy to prioritize and sustain the entity moving forward. If you’ve visited recently, it’s obvious our output was on hiatus most of last year. It’s not for lack of passion for the topic, but rather a lack of time to keep the venture afloat.

Of course, the craft of fatherhood continues. We’re busier now putting these ideas to practice than we have ever been. But, we’ve reached the end of this chapter.

As dadcraft subscribers and readers, you have been such enthusiastic and generous friends in this enterprise. We are grateful for your encouragement and feedback over the last six years. With over 220 original posts authored by 15 different dads—including a US senator, a professional athlete, and normal dads alike—we will keep the site active in hopes the content continues to be a resource to dads who stumble across the site.

Additionally, friends at are going to re-post some articles for dadcraft.

Primerrily, a digital resource for patriotic families, inspires and supports parents to raise their children with character-building virtues and foundational American values. Founded by Alli Pillinger Choi, Britt Riner, and Rachel Gerli, this trio of moms, along with a team of contributors, curates and creates practical, fresh parenting resources — including discussion guides, creative activities, and authentic experiences. Primerrily builds community around these traditional values through its website, shop, and social network.

We’re grateful for the new readers Primerrily will introduce to dadcraft. And—it’s worth noting once again—we’re grateful for you…for your engagement with our work through the years.

Andrew, Erik, Dan, Chris, Taylor, and Eric