A dadcraft Favorite: Lego

  by Chris Horst

Over the course of two months, we built the Lego Technic Formula Off Roader. Each night, we completed a few steps. My oldest son, Desmond, would proudly show off his progress to his mom, his brother, and anyone else who happened to visit. Today, the Off Roader sits proudly on his dresser, with its pistons and shock absorbers flexed.

Parked next to the slick Off Roader are a battalion of other creations—rockets, battle stations, and warships, all adorned with an assortment of weaponry and commandos ready for action. These designs did not come from a box, but from Desmond’s imagination.

If forced onto a deserted island and with only one toy to bring, Desmond would almost certainly bring a crate of Legos. For a slew of reasons, he esteems these stackable bricks higher than all his other possessions.

And they’d be high up on my list as well. Building Legos with my kids isn’t just an exercise in service to my kids. It’s great fun. Whether using a blueprint or going freeform, Lego time is something I enjoy too.

If you want to take your Lego game to the next level, here are a few accompaniments to consider:

  • Check out the Lego “Brickumentary” to learn more about the Danish company’s origins, dark years, and their recent resurgence. If you want to go deeper still, pick up a copy of Brick by Brick (or read one of the summaries of their resurgence).
  • If you’ve pierced a heel or two with rogue Lego bricks, you might like this vinyl storage bag. It’s simple and easy for our kids to play and clean up their creations.
  • My kids like this idea book to spur on their creativity. I like this idea book (I mean, wow.) to spur on my creativity.
  • Lego Life is the company’s free monthly magazine. It features building ideas, cartoons, and pictures of other kids’ creations. Our kids love it.

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Picture by Iker Urteaga; Used via Unsplash license.