Not Going Anywhere? The 8 Best Youtube Videos for 4-Year-Olds

  by Chris Horst

Our bus was nowhere to be found.

After a two hour drive to the airport, lines galore, a delayed departure, the flight itself, and baggage claim waiting, this was, finally, the last straw. My 4-year-old was done. And when he’s done, things get crazy. I’d used up all my parenting tricks (twice). Traveling is hard, and we both just needed something easy.

This is one of those moments where a few finely curated YouTube movies can save the day. Here is the list my 4-year-old helped me put together. The videos are focused on others having a hard day too.

Playing with new toys is hard

Walking up stairs is hard

Having a helicopter in the house is hard

Sleeping during your favorite song is hard

Being a professional domino-er is hard (work)

Playing human tetris is hard

Interviewing a goat is even harder

Being friends with a baby goat is the hardest


Engaging “screen time” thoughtfully—whether it’s a special trip to the big screen or a smartphone-at-the-airport-while-you-wait-for-a-bus—is good dadcraft. Here are some thoughts on Monsters Inc., Inside Out, and Big Hero Six.

Picture by Petras Gagilas; Used via Creative Commons license.