A dadcraft Favorite: Building a Soda Can Robug

  by Erik Wolgemuth

If there was such a thing as the Second Law of Childhood Dynamics it would certainly be this: In a room full of toys, children experience a gravitational pull toward any and all electronics. How does this happen? Why does this happen?

Regardless of the how or why, the majority of the time, the electronics in question are of the non-toy variety, which is why our recent Soda Can Robug project was such a hit in our household. The good people at Green Science have created a kit with easy to follow instructions and everything you need for your Robug, except the soda can (which is gracious of them as it allows your crew to enjoy their carbonated beverage of choice [and perhaps a Burp Lunch] as you assemble the electronic toy together).

Robug assembly will work for a variety of ages. On the low end of the spectrum, your kids are simply assisting you in threading wires and tightening screws. On the upper end, you can help guide the process from a more relaxed position. Either way, the end result is a nifty little motorized Robug that scoots along the ground using vibration locomotion and all with a satisfying hum.

Our Robug was swiftly named (Rosie), and her favorite activity has been buzzing through a variety of leg tunnels. And as a bonus, Green Science provides some interesting factoids about bugs and their affinity for buzzing. It’ll have your robotics team spouting off tidbits to anyone and everyone.


Since assembling a Soda Can Robug can’t always be used to address the Second Law of Childhood Dynamics, there’s also Smartphone Find and Seek. And if your kids are too young for either of these electronic activities, consider The Dad’s Guide to Reading with Toddlers.

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