About dadcraft

Fatherhood is too significant to wing it.

Your relationship with your kids and spouse are made up of innumerable experiences and interactions that demand thoughtfulness, intentionality, and wisdom. Being a dad has never been easy, and no website is going to change that. But if a site can provide you with some help, some ideas, some guidance...well, that’s what we’re aiming for. dadcraft is a guide to help you refine and develop your most important craft—how you father.

We believe in the importance of fathers because we've each had great fathers and each now have the privilege of being fathers. We're also family. Dan is the biological father to Andrew and Erik, and now a father to Chris (who had the good fortune of marrying Andrew and Erik's kid sister, Alli). Together, we are fathers to 14 unique and beautiful children. These kids are gifts we do not deserve. But they are gifts entrusted to our care, and apathy simply is not an option.

dadcraft grew out of our living room conversations. We were constantly sharing ideas, lamenting mistakes and encouraging one another along the way. Being a dad is often isolating. dadcraft brings to bear our experiences and the experiences of the gifted and transparent fathers we're excited to introduce to you.

We’re far from perfect, but we’re clearly better together. And together we believe that we can help each other to more courageously, creatively and effectively father our kids.

We are dads. We believe in dads. And we believe in you.

Dan, Andrew, Erik, & Chris

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Welcome to the Big Show.

Biological dad to your children or not, you can be a loving, intentional father. It's up to you.

This is your opportunity.

Men have to let go of boyhood, putting to death their selfishness on behalf of their wife and children.

We’re in this together

Fathering can be isolating and that isolation is dangerous. Dads are responsible for the journey of other dads. 

You will fail often.

There are no perfect dads. There are just dads. Nobody can replace you, even with your shortcomings.

Kids are the great equalizer.

They turn every dad, regardless of the station, race, or pay grade, into a man without a map.

There is no one-size fits all approach.

Each of us will father uniquely, and each child needs a customized approach. To be great dads, we must deeply know and love our children.

Founding Team

Erik Wolgemuth

Erik Wolgemuth loves just about anything that involves exploring and enjoying life with his wife Kendal and their three kids he calls G, Sweets, and Chuck. Their time is regularly spent playing all manner of sports, having rodeos, and hiking the mountains of Colorado together. Erik enjoys cycling up mountains, reading, Kansas Jayhawk basketball and suburban (minimally successful) farming. He has worked for Wolgemuth & Associates as a literary agent since 2005.

Chris Horst

Chris Horst is married to Alli and they have four kids: Desmond, Abe, June, and Mack. Chris serves as the the chief advancement officer at HOPE International. Chris has been published in The Denver Post, Christianity Today, and co-authored Mission Drift and Rooting for Rivals with Peter Greer. He loves gardening, Phillies baseball, and roughhousing with his kiddos. Connect with Chris on Twitter (@chrishorst).

Dan Wolgemuth

Dan Wolgemuth is the father of three, the father-in-law of three, and the grandfather of nine. Dan has served as the national president of Youth for Christ/USA since 2005. In addition, Dan writes a weekly blog called The Friday Fragment and is passionate about stewarding his faith and his family well. Dan has been married to Mary for 37 years. Together they share the joys of cycling, hiking, and skiing. Dan also tweets at @DanWolgemuth.

Andrew Wolgemuth

Andrew Wolgemuth has been married to Chrissy for twelve years, and they’re the parents of three daughters (Malia, Davey, and Naomi) and a foster son. He is a literary agent for Wolgemuth & Associates. He loves reading, playing games, and adventuring with his kids, and he tweets at @aWolgs.

Eric Brown

Eric Brown live in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife, Katie, and their daughter, Ella, and son, Owen. Eric is co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Whiteboard, an award-winning interactive design & development firm focused on people and their exchange with technology. With over a decade of experience in leading organizational strategies and research, Eric bridges the gap between client and creative.

Taylor Jones

Taylor Jones co-founded Whiteboard, an award-winning interactive design firm whose client list includes Chick-fil-A, Passion Conferences, Youth For Christ USA, and Q Ideas. Taylor serves as Whiteboard's CEO and leads the development team. He lives in Chattanooga, TN, with his wife, Eren.