3 Reasons to Break Out Home Movies and Pictures

  by Erik Wolgemuth

“Look at how little I was!!”

Not long ago, in the midst of a routine backup of my cellphone, I decided to take a quick tour through pictures and videos that had been archived on my computer. In no time at all, any comfort my chair afforded had disappeared as the kids settled in for some family history. And just as my personal space had evaporated, now the time did as watched the documented years scroll past.

As so often happens, some of the best dadcraft hits you unawares. That’s certainly what happened for us. We’ll most certainly be back in the archives shortly for three main reasons:

1. Laughter.

Seeing old videos and pictures is funny. If you’re going back to early childhood for your kids, they’ll die hearing the gibberish-infused way they used to talk. They’ll crack up at themselves throwing fits. And – probably safe to assume – as they get older, you’ll all laugh at how young their parents look and the clothing that (you thought) was fashionable. Joyfully and funny family-lore so often finds it roots in your documented history.

2. Stories.

It’s impossible to see a picture of that few-hours-old newborn and not launch into story-mode. Or, what about telling your crew about that book, which you caught in a corner of a picture, that you read every night—five times a night—for a year to your toddler? What about that car you used to have, which they don’t remember, because you could all fit in it before the rest of the crew came along? I love when the kids get in on the reflecting…Oh yeah! Remember when we were hiking and then fell into the creek?!?

3. Growth.

Sure, seeing kids move from newborn to infant to toddler on upward is fun and memorable, but we loved reflecting on deeper growth. Like when the soccer team was scary, but you didn’t give up. Or, your first day of kindergarten when you didn’t know how to read. How about that time when we were shoveling snow and you didn’t want to quit even though you were tired and cold? Growth isn’t just for the kids either…I’ve got a long list of ways my kids have helped (and continue to help!) me grow since first holding our oldest in the delivery room.

For days after going through videos and pictures, the kids buzzed about the experienced. I buzzed about the experience! There’s perspective that comes through. A realization of how quickly time moves. And a challenge to soak up the moments, however mundane they might feel in the present.


Fun, memorable photos and videos arise in all sorts of ways…perhaps your family’s will come from capturing artistic endeavors, foibles, settings where you experienced dad joy, times where you broke the script, or challenging situations or results.

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Photo by Kaboompics .com @ pexels