A dadcraft Favorite: LCR … Basic Rolling Fun

  by Andrew Wolgemuth

We’ve written about a basic board game, a pig-rolling game, and a classic dice game. Tonight my daughters introduced me to another game in this genre of simple, low-strategy, broad-age-range accessible games: LCR (Left Center Right).

I played with my four-year-old and my nine-year-old, and both were engaged through three games. That in and of itself is notable – given the years between them, it’s hard to find a game that they both enjoy.

Veterans of LCR (they’d played once previously), they explained the rules to me in just a couple of minutes (another notable feature) … and we were off.

The game setup is simple (take three chips from the pool), the gameplay is simple (roll a certain number of the LCR dice depending on the number of chips you hold), and the action is simple (do certain things with your chips depending on the outcome of your dice roll), but the (simple) fun was real.

This is a good one to pick up for a few bucks, take on the road, on a donut dash, or simply for a little settle-down before bedtime.


As with LCR, a number of our favorites and activities include dice rolls and, well, pig throws.

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