Coloring in Someone Else’s Lines: Finding Coloring Sheets Online

  by Andrew Wolgemuth

I consider Chris a Master Dad Artist. No, you’re not likely to see his work in the MET, but the guy makes fun, endearing line drawings. I’ve seen them on cards to his family, clothing that my children love (love) to wear (personalized monster t-shirts were created at a Monster Birthday party, and it was amazing), and baby “onesie” outfits that I’ve stuffed kids into for as long as it was feasible. Thus, it’s no surprise that he thought of (and delivers upon) supercharging his kids’ coloring.

I, on the other hand, am more on Erik’s end of the artistic spectrum. His introducing Art for Kids Hub has been a boon for the kids and me. Someone guides my pen marks stroke by stroke? Brilliant.

Even so, sometimes kids just need to color in lines that someone else has already drawn. And sometimes those kids have a very specific idea of the animal / character / scene that they’d like to color. At such times, I’m particularly grateful for the Internet and the remarkable capabilities that it provides. For instance …

Crayola – The producer of all sorts of coloring utensils also provides all sorts of pages upon which those utensils can be used. Browse or search for the perfect pic here.

HelloKidsThis site is a bit more bootleg than the other more corporate sites I’m listing, but (among other things) my kids have been thrilled to have various Star Wars sheets to choose from.

Fisher Price – As you’d likely expect, this site has coloring sheets that will appeal to a slightly younger colorer. Even so, good options abound here.

Educational Coloring Pages – I’m not entirely sure what makes Batman coloring pages educational, but they’re one of many nice collections to be found at this site.

Lego – Our favorite Danish maker of interlocking plastic building blocks makes its coloring pages a little harder to find, but Nexo Knight and Lego Friend options are among the many those a site search turns up.

Oliver Jeffers – dadcraft favorite author and illustrator, Oliver Jeffers offers some fun sheets at this site, though – coming from the UK – he expects you to colour them.

So, sharpen your crayons and/or colored pencils, uncap some (washable) markers, print some pages, and get to work coloring alongside your kids (and let us know if you have favorite sites or sheets that ought to be a part of the list above!).

Pro Tip: If you print these sheets as a pdf, you can save them locally on your computer for easier, quicker printing next time.


After some chill coloring, consider a little wrestling+ with “activate wrestling.”

Picture by Nicki Dugan Pogue; Used via Creative Commons license.