Scavenging Fun

  by Erik Wolgemuth

It goes without saying that dessert or a special treat generates a fair bit of excitement to the average youngster, but with just a touch of dadcraft you can quite easily elevate these delicious events to a new level. Sure kids, you can have your dessert at the table served regular style…or, you can discover mouth-watering hidden treasure after deciphering puzzling clues, navigating seemingly dead ends, and dodging the dreaded man-eating [insert: favorite ravenous mammal or reptile to impersonate].

Though the scavenger hunt greatly enhances the fun and excitement around the house, it by no means requires extensive forethought and/or planning on your part. Paper. Pen. Treat. Sequester those youngsters in a room, spread the clues and the hunt is on. To get you rolling, here are a few example clues:

  • What helps Mom and Dad wake up each morning by making something delicious and hot to drink?
  • Look underneath where your head goes when it needs a soft place to rest.
  • Your next clue is found in this chilly place, where you’ll find some solid, crunchy water…perfect for making a drink cold.

An additional recommendation: we all know the best scavenger hunts are those of the buccaneer variety, so I’ve discovered that it’s wise to meet over that initial clue and either take it upon yourself to name your company of scallywags or (often more humorously) have them name themselves. And if in the self-naming process you find yourself with a “Princess Flower” (or the like) among your crew, never fear…simply adopt a rough pirate brogue when speaking her name and the fair, floral royalty will fit right in.

I’ll wager a Spanish doubloon or two that you’ll find yourself entreated to more than one hunt, regardless of whether there’s sumptuous treasure to be found at the close.

DadCraft Pro Tip: Snag some bandanas, eye patch, play swords, etc. to enhance your pirate-y experience. And your brogue … don’t overlook this.


Skilled scavenger hunters are frequently good foragers. And (amatuer) scientists.

Picture by Nicola Albertini; Used via Creative Commons license. Amazon links are affiliate links.