One Origami Trick for the Tool Box

  by Chris Horst

I recently flew cross-country with my eight-year-old (a regular occurence). As we sipped on a root beer float while waiting for our boarding time, we pulled out a sheet of paper and played dots, tic-tac-toe, and a few other paper games.

With these games firmly mastered, I’m looking to diversify my paper tricks repertoire and I’m turning to the ancient Japanese paper folding art for inspiration. The one pattern I’ve memorized is the hat/bucket design; it’s not difficult (and it doesn’t quite look like this post’s image), but it is great fun.

During a lengthy church service recently, my wife busted out the hat/bucket as an item to engage our four-year-old. And, true to form, within minutes, he was wearing the hat… then flipping the hat over and transporting his Batman lego character in it.

Not an earth-shatteringly profound design, but eminently practical.


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Photo by Alex on Unsplash