A dadcraft Favorite: HeyDad Subscription Boxes

  by Chris Horst

Many monthly subscription boxes have arrived on our doorstep over the years. We’ve sampled a lot, but only one box arrived specifically for me. And I loved every second of it.

When I opened my HeyDad box, my kids were instantly intrigued. They crowded in closely, anxious to see what we were about to get into. We scored the “Hero Box” and what we uncovered was a dad-and-kids assortment of superhero activities. Together, we were equipped to create a world of adventure and fun as we battled each other through laser fields with Nerf-style pop guns.

All told, it was a great Saturday morning. The box included a mix of tactile components—superhero masks, capes, and said laser field—as well as basic instructions to assemble the components and a fill-in-the-blank choose-our-own-adventure rubric to guide our morning.

We battled in the best of ways. My kids loved the experience and my wife enjoyed a little R&R while we played. Like I said, it was a great morning.

We believe in HeyDad and in their mission. For far too long, dads have been either ignored or caricatured. And the team at HeyDad recognized an opportunity. Dads don’t need to be scorned nor patronized. They need to be equipped to do their jobs. And, a monthly subscription box with fun fathering activity helps.

HeyDad may be a boost you need to take your fathering to the next level. Try it for a month or gift it for a friend (and thanks if you do via that affiliate link). And, if you enter “dadcraft” when you subscribe, you’ll score a small discount. And, be sure to check out their podcast as well.


Postscript: If you’re looking for DIY adventures, here are a few starters, try a scavenger hunt, donut excursion, or obstacle course.

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