Top 5 Posts of 2018

  by Chris Horst

This month marks three years. And as we enter this new year, new frontiers approach dadcraft’s founders–adolescence for our kids, among other things. But as we reflect back on 2018, below are five of our top posts from last year:

1 – Interview: Kevin Heldt

It is uncommmon to meet a dad with nine kids (when we published; he now has ten). How exactly does Kevin survive? His reflections on fatherhood are full of wisdom, but the line I’ve shared regularly this year is this: “Regardless of how many kids you have, your kids are going to take all of you. So in that sense, having a big or small family doesn’t matter. With more kids, the love multiplies.”

2 – Four Books to Put on Your Reading List with Your Kids

“On the tail end of a long day, sometimes exactly what you and your kids need is a good read. And, if you’ve gotten into the habit of reading with your kids, then you’re likely in need of a few quality recommendations, so here are four books we’ve enjoyed recently to add to your list…”

3 – Interview: Nathan Hoag

How Nathan Hoag navigates scaling mountains, camping with toddlers, and the peaks and valleys of life as a foster dad: “Having kids strips away some of the facades we put up. The least-certain thing in your life now lives in your home. If your job or neighborhood or car is uncertain, that’s all stuff you can compartmentalize. When you have kids, that doesn’t exist anymore. You have no idea what’s going to happen next. It strips away some of the layers and masks we put on.”

4 – Four Albums You and Your Kids Must Put on Repeat

“Remember when you were stuck listening to those kid-albums that put you out of your mind after about 5 seconds? Well, good news, because here at dadcraft we’re going to give you some recommendations to, at the very least, add some variety to your list. Variety you’ll enjoy as well. So, here are four albums (with favorite tracks from each) to get on your playlist…”

5 – Four Card Games We Love

“We love board games, but the game boxes in the closet are complemented by some great card games in the drawer. Here are four of our favorites, progressing from simplest to a bit more complicated.”


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Photo by Rachel Nickerson on Unsplash