The Best of 2016: 3 Top Posts

  by Chris Horst

It’s been a great first year of dadcraft. Over the past 12 months, thousands of dads have visited our site. Hundreds have subscribed to our bi-weekly email newsletter and followed us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

So what have our readers enjoyed most? Here is a snippet from the top post from each of our top post categories:

1 – Guides: What Not to Text Your Wife

Among other things, don’t text your wife these things:

  • Hey Hon. Quick question: what’s Jimmy’s blood type? O positive, right?
  • Hope you’re enjoying time with your friends. A tooth stays viable longer if it’s in milk, correct?
  • Re: Jill – she’s up-to-date on her tetanus booster?
  • I know dogs shouldn’t eat chicken bones, but they’re the only species where swallowing chicken bones are a real concern, right?
  • What’s likely to set in carpet faster: barf or blood?

2 – Interviews: Andy Wood and a Forced Sabbatical

“The cultural idea that the man is the primary breadwinner of the house is pervasive. Whenever conversations get around to what I do, I purposefully don’t go anywhere near it, because there’s a certain amount of shame. Of feeling emasculated. Nobody has ever said that to me, but those are the thoughts in the back of my mind. We’ve had friends and family be gracious and generous to us. While it’s a huge blessing, it’s humbling and, at times, humiliating. Do I say I’m unemployed? Do I say I’m in-between jobs? Do I say I’m a stay-at-home dad? How do I talk about it in a way that’s honest, but also honors this season I’m in? That’s been hard.”

3 – Activities: Flipping Father’s Day on its Head

“I’ve come to realize, though, that the fun of Father’s Day has less to do with being celebrated (though I’m not gonna lie … that ain’t bad, as these five dads can attest) and much more to do with the joy of looking into the faces of my family and celebrating the fun of being their dad and husband. In previous years I’ve expressed this joy with “thank you’s” and smiles … but this year, I’m going to step up my dadcraft a bit.”


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Picture by Ian Schneider; Used via Unsplash license.