4 Dad-Tested Christmas Gift Ideas

  by Chris Horst

It’s that marvelous time of year when our wives buy our kids all their Christmas gifts. Or, that’s what happens in my family at least.

And while she is a gift-giving maestro, we are a team. And, it’s important I not outsource all the gifting to her. So, here a few dad-tested Christmas gift ideas I can stand by. It can be harrowing wading into the swarm of Amazon reviews and Target lines. So, while these are not perfect products, they are at least endorsed by some fellow dads. These are ideal gift ideas for kids ranging from ages two to ten.

1. Nerf football

If you have ever thrown an NFL-game-ready football with a young child, you know two things: 1) They are entirely too big for your children to throw, and 2) They are fear-inducing when hurtling through the air at your kid. So, tuck away  that calfskin leather ball from the intramural glory days for a future day …and pick up a Nerf football like this one to introduce your kids to the flea flicker and the hook-and-ladder.

2. Dad-and-kid matching socks

I travel regularly for work. There’s nothing that makes these trips easy. It’s always hard to leave the kids. One way of keeping me connected to my kids is wearing matching socks with my two sons. Target and Amazon feature Pair of Thieves socks and my kids (and I) both get a kick out of wearing them.

3. Legos

If you’re looking for a longer pitch on why Legos rule the toy roost, we’ve got that for you. But in short, they’re the best. Start the hobby. Expand the hobby. Share the hobby.

4. Board games

Family game night needn’t be folklore. In a hyper digital age, sitting down around a simple board game can do so much good for you and your family. If you need a place to start, begin with a classic like Memory or Yahtzee. Or, funk it up a bit with Pass the Pigs or Snail’s Pace Race.


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Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash.